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What are Cookies?

A "cookie" is a text file, used by almost all companies that do business on the internet. The cookie simply stores information that identifies that computer and can be retrieved by our server to create a seamless browsing session. Most browsers accept cookies by default. If you set your browser to reject all cookies, some areas of our site may not function properly.

Cookies must be enabled in order to access the application. If you attempt to log in to this application while cookies are disabled, your browser will open a screen to help you enable cookies. Follow the directions on the screen to enable cookies on your browser.

We respect your privacy. We make every reasonable effort to ensure that any personal information you provide to us is used only for the purpose of obtaining a travel package for you.

Some e-mail programs filter e-mails from unknown senders (people not in your address book). To receive your confirmation e-mail and other correspondance, please configure your e-mail or spam filter rules to allow mail from Check with your service provider to learn how to allow e-mails from this site.

Browser Compatibility
The site is best accessed with one of the following Web browsers:
  • Netscape Navigator/Communicator 4.0 to 4.7x
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To use all of the site functionality, the browser should allow frames, tables, JavaScript, cookies, and Secure Sockets Layer protocol (also known as SSL). Using non-compatible browsers, older versions or disabling browser functions such as JavaScript, cookies or SSL may cause certain functions to be unavailable.

Session Expired
A session will expire if the application has been idle for an extended period of time or if the user switches to another Website. When the user returns to the application and attempts to access a different screen, the system returns to the Log In screen. When this happens, re-enter the user-ID and password then click Log In.

Why did I receive an error message after a purchase attempt?
Errors during purchase can be the result of one of the following problems:
  • Missing information. (felds denoted with an asterisk (*)) are required information)
  • Your purchase information may not have transmitted correctly due to network
  • Disruption from your Internet service providers
  • Your spam filter settings may be preventing the transaction
Note: If a reservation was created, you should have received a confirmation page and Purchase Confirmation Email.

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